Case studies: EMaaS in action

We could talk about ecosystem management until we’re blue in the face. But what really matters is results.

Here are some of the companies that have thrived with EMaaS.

Case study
How Blue Prism scaled its platform ecosystem

See how Linda Dotts helped Blue Prism work with 300 companies

Case study
How Avaya grew its ecosystem by 40%

See how Jon Alperin changed the game for Avaya

Case study
How Jabra makes millions from its ecosystem

Find out how John Gould scaled Jabra’s developer ecosystem

Case study
How Conviva scaled its developer ecosystem

See how two men led the effort to make ecosystem management scalable

Case study
How Cisco simplified its ecosystem experience

The story behind a world-class partner ecosystem

Case study
How CNH built a digital ecosystem with EMaaS

See how Ravi Tolani launched CNH's digital ecosystem rapidly and smoothly

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