CNH Industrial case study: Building a digital ecosystem with EMaaS

How CNH Industrial launched its digital ecosystem rapidly without any major issues

Ravi Tolani

Technical Director - IoT, Web and Mobile, CNH Industrial


The story behind CNH Industrial’s digital transformation

CNH Industrial has been a global leader in capital goods that implements design, manufacturing, distribution, commercial and financial activities in international markets since it was founded in 2012.

With a number of different business lines, the company originally leveraged a dealer ecosystem structure to go-to-market and to sell their products. However, as CNH Industrial’s leaders started to look toward the future, they recognized the need for an API-led digital transformation.

Enter Ravi Tolani, Technical Director of IoT, Web and Mobile at CNH Industrial.

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With almost 20 years of experience building digitally connected products and services at companies like Motorola and Microsoft, Ravi was brought on at CNH Industrial to own digital transformation across all products.

Ravi knew the best way to accomplish this was to create a digital ecosystem that would oversee the different products, services, and partnerships of CNH Industrial.


The race against the clock

Knowing the transformative impact a digital ecosystem could have, Ravi was under a time crunch to launch CNH Industrial’s digital ecosystem.

They needed to create a central place where developers could come to integrate with their APIs, creating tools that would connect the existing customer data to other companies and platforms in the field. Furthermore, they wanted it to provide advanced features like API documentation, role-based access, onboarding security, workflow automation, and API certification.

In outlining their requirements, Ravi’s team recognized the need for a custom platform; however, he was under a time crunch with limited development resources to make it happen.

That’s when he came across Constellant and realized he didn’t need his team to reinvent the wheel; they could instead use the Ecosystem Management-as-a-Service offering to build, manage, and scale a successful digital ecosystem.


How EMaaS helped

Ravi’s team at CNH Industrial was initially drawn to Constellant’s Ecosystem Management-as-a-Service infrastructure because they knew they could quickly create a platform customized to their needs with limited development. That meant the team could launch the digital ecosystem before their deadline and start to onboard some developers.

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Responsive image Responsive image The biggest bang for our buck has been that we were able to launch our digital ecosystem in the right time without running into any major issues. With any digital product, you run the risk of failing to launch in time, so for us, meeting out deadline with the custom requirements was the biggest success factor.
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With Constellant’s EMaaS software offering dpEngine, CNH Industrial has been able to create a digital ecosystem that includes the abilities to:

  • Manage API documentation with ease
  • Deliver a seamless user experience according to CNH Industrial’s brand identity
  • Securely onboard different types of developers
  • Authorize unique role-based access based on type of developer
  • Manage role-based access to maintain tight security
  • Certify APIs through a streamlined process
  • Implement workflow automation to optimize interactions

This digital ecosystem has enabled the journey of digital transformation at CNH Industrial for years to come.

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The impact of CNH Industrial’s digital ecosystem

CNH Industrial’s digital ecosystem powered by Constellant’s EMaaS software offering dpEngine has kickstarted a wave of digital transformation throughout the organization. Since launching the platform, CNH Industrial has been able to onboard developers who have been creating apps that connect customer data and integrate that with other companies and platforms in the field. Additionally, they have been able to bring more digital services and touchpoints to their customers in terms of web, app, mobile, and APIs.

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Ravi’s team’s current objective is to increase the use of the platform and to help it reach its optimal potential. The digital ecosystem a central component to CNH Industrial’s digital journey with connected equipment, and through it, they are confident their customers will find exponentially more value in their products and services.

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Responsive image Responsive image Every company needs to think about how digital ecosystems and APIs can enable a journey of digital transformation. No matter where you are in the journey, it’s imperative that you leverage all of the best tools and platforms to help go-to-market as quickly as possible. Constellant’s EMaaS offering is one of those tools you don’t want to miss.
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