Multi-sided Digital Business Ecosystem Management


Ulf Persson, SVP Business Development, SEEBURGER

Rakesh Kukkamalla, VP, Professional Services and Architecture, SEEBURGER

Bhavesh Patel, CEO, Constellant

Your Ecosystem is the Lifeblood of Your Business

According to an Accenture survey of 1,252 business leaders worldwide, 76% of the leaders agree that current business models will be unrecognizable in the next 5 years, with business ecosystems being the main change agent. 1

Platform business models and multi-sided business ecosystems are key to future business success. It is imperative that internal infrastructure and external-facing ecosystem management infrastructure blend seamlessly to deliver a superior ecosystem participant experience for customers, suppliers, developers and partners.

Digital Business Ecosystems Start with Digital

To get the full benefit of going digital, companies need seamless integration of all systems, applications, cloud services and business partners. When systems and applications are spread across on-premises and cloud, managing data is a challenge. Integration is the enabler to bridge gaps between silos and get the full value from your data.

APIs are critical technology for several use cases in application integration, services as a platform, customer and business partner connectivity, and innovation.

Once you have acquired the data, you can create, manage, and scale your digital business ecosystems, including developer, partner, and marketplace ecosystems. Key to this is the delivery of a “one-stop-shop” experience for your ecosystem participants.

Your digital business ecosystem will also help you increase full-lifecycle ecosystem participant engagement with your offerings, and therefore accelerate revenue, innovation and time-to-market.

Join this webcast to discover how SEEBURGER and Constellant can solve the challenges of building and managing digital business ecosystems. You will learn:

  • How a hybrid integration platform is used to modernize and replatform to create a solid foundation for digital business ecosystems
  • How ecosystem management enables you to create, manage and scale multi-sided business ecosystems for developers, partners, suppliers and customers, while delivering superior user experiences
  • How combining an internal hybrid integration platform with an external ecosystem management platform can deliver low total cost of ownership and high return on investment


SEEBURGER is a global leader in business integration offering innovative business solutions on a unified, agile and scalable suite that is designed to meet the most common integration scenarios in a secure and reliable way, including B2B/EDI, MFT, EAI and API. SEEBURGER’s industry-leading solutions are available on any cloud, as hybrid or on-premise deployments. SEEBURGER enables more than 10,000 customers to combine business practices across diverse industries in 50+ countries.

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About Constellant

Here at Constellant we’re a bunch of obsessives. But our chief obsession is making connections. That’s why we’re called Constellant. We take disparate things and we bring them together. We’ve spent too long watching companies squandering their potential by not making and maintaining valuable connections. It’s why we spend all our time helping businesses build, manage and scale digital ecosystems that help them innovate faster.

1 "Cornerstone of future growth: Ecosystems,", Michael Lyman, May 11, 2018.