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[AUSTIN, Texas, September 4, 2019] -- Developer and partner ecosystem management company,, today revealed a new brand identity and name, Constellant. The company also announced Ecosystem Management-as-a-Service (EMaaS), a new category and approach to digital business ecosystem management that provides the software infrastructure, domain expertise and analytics to create, manage and scale ecosystems faster. By leveraging EMaaS, companies can build industry-leading business ecosystems rapidly, focusing their internal resources on the critical task of managing ecosystem participant relationships. The result is increased revenue, innovation and market value - according to Harvard Business Review, ecosystem-driven companies can deliver 70% more market value and generate 39% more revenue.

“The importance of digital business ecosystems cannot be overstated: According to a recent survey of business executives by Accenture, 76% of the leaders agree that current business models will be unrecognizable in the next 5 years, with business ecosystems being the main change agent,” said Bhavesh Patel, President and CEO of Constellant. “As digital business accelerates, companies must have the right tools and expertise to extend the reach of their products through API and technology-driven initiatives quickly and cost-effectively. With EMaaS, companies will now have the scalable, pay-as-you-go ecosystem management capabilities to accelerate revenue and innovation.”

Ecosystem Management-as-a-Service

Constellant’s new brand better reflects the company’s unique EMaaS offering and mission of taking disparate elements and bringing them together. The new name, Constellant, means to “constellate - form or cause to form into a cluster or group; gather together.” Constellant’s EMaaS offering is designed to do just that - “constellate” developers, partners, customers and employees into digital business ecosystems. Constellant’s EMaaS offering consists of 3 pillars:

  • Ecosystem-in-a-box: Our cloud-based dpEngine software platform provides the ability to manage the full lifecycle of ecosystem participants. Ecosystem-in-a-box eliminates the need for companies to internally build and maintain ecosystem management software that may not have the required functionality, scalability and cost-effectiveness.
  • Ecosystem Experience Management: The success of any digital business ecosystem centers around providing superior experiences to ecosystem participants, from acquisition/onboarding, to education/support to go-to-market support. Armed with 18+ years of experience helping manage digital business ecosystems, the Constellant team can bring that expertise to your ecosystem management team.
  • Ecosystem Modeling, Analysis & Forecasting: Ecosystem data is critical to the successful design, operation and improvement of business ecosystems. Constellant’s dpEngine platform has the data collection, reporting and analysis capabilities to support that.

Customers using Constellant’s EMaaS offerings today include:

Blue Prism, a global leader and pioneer of Robotic Process Automation, has leveraged Constellant’s EMaaS offerings to create its market-leading Blue Prism Digital Exchange (DX) ecosystem. In response to how EMaaS has helped, Linda Dotts, Senior Vice President, Partner Strategy and Programs at Blue Prism says, “Constellant provided us with the consultancy, software, and operational expertise that enabled Blue Prism to bring our marketplace and developer engagement solution to market rapidly. Constellant had a deep knowledge of how industry leaders have leveraged their software to drive a best in class solution that was commercially consumable by customers and partners.”

Dow Jones, the world’s most trusted provider of business news and financial information, is utilizing Constellant’s EMaaS offerings to power its Data, News, Analytics (DNA) developer ecosystem. Niranjan Thomas, General Manager of Developer Platform and Solutions Engineering, says, “Time-to-market and cost-effectiveness was a critical concern we had when we were creating the DNA developer ecosystem. Rather than build the software infrastructure in-house, we decided to tap into Constellant’s deep domain expertise and EMaaS offering to rapidly and successfully bring the DNA developer ecosystem to market. We were thus able to focus our internal team on the task of growing and managing productive relationships with developers.”

About Constellant

Constellant, the global leader in Ecosystem Management-as-a-Service (EaaS), empowers companies to accelerate revenue, enterprise value and innovation through the creation, management, and scaling of digital business ecosystems in a rapid and cost-effective way. For more information about Constellant, visit

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