Kyriba Case Study:

Rapidly launching a developer ecosystem with EMaaS

How Kyriba helps thousands of Corporates across the world activate their liquidity through apps

Félix Grévy

VP Product, Open API and Connectivity


Then to Now.

For 20 years, Kyriba, a successful SaaS company, has helped clients transform how they activate and protect cash and liquidity. They are a global leader in cloud treasury and finance solutions delivering mission-critical capabilities for cash and risk management, payments and working capital solutions.

When Kyriba was first established in the early 2000s, most treasurers were reliant on manual processes to manage cash positioning and forecasting. Manual reporting could take several hours to process and deliver to the CFO or Treasury Manager for review.

But, with the introduction of Kyriba’s SaaS treasury management system, this situation completely changed. Clients were able to have their data automatically pulled into their Kyriba portal, giving them instant visibility into their organization’s global cash position instead of having to manually log into their bank portals and enter balances into their spreadsheets.

Today, many large corporations rely on Kyriba’s SaaS platform to proactively manage their cash and liquidity. Kyriba has been recognized as a leading class provider of treasury, payments, and working capital solutions by executing globally, clearly defining strategies, and being at the forefront of innovation.

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What Kyriba Needed

As Kyriba continued to serve large corporations, it became increasingly important to have real time aggregated data on their operation across multiple countries and banks. The way to connect to banks and ERPs was to rely on FTP, as has been the industry standard for many years.

There became a new expectation from customers: they wanted to have an immediate view on the liquidity that needed to be fresh. While FTP connectors are useful in sending large amounts of data, since they are batch driven, data is refreshed periodically. As a result, Kyriba sought a solution to meet the needs of customers: offer API based connectivity to provide a real time programmatic way to interact with the data and the application.

Kyriba started by exposing their customer base to those APIs but decided to open the connectivity to the outside world using a developer portal. In order to get this developer portal established as an ecosystem, they decided to bring in Constellant to help them develop the portal and get it to market quickly.


How EMaaS helped

Given the out-of-the-box functionality of Constellant’s SaaS offering, dpEngine, and vast domain expertise of its team, Constellant was able to create and launch Kyriba’s public developer ecosystem rapidly. Kyriba, with a vision in mind, shared their style and user guidelines, and Constellant was able to propose a design and build it out.

Responsive image Responsive image In some partnerships we’ve experienced, there’s an expectation of providing very precise specifications, which are carried out, and unable to be changed. With Constellant, it is much more fluid. It started as an iterative engagement and has evolved into a collaborative partnership. Responsive image Responsive image

- Félix Grévy, VP Product, Open API and Connectivity

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Some of the features of the developer ecosystem that Grévy and the Kyriba team are most excited about include:

  • The registration process allows Kyriba to easily and conveniently review, approve, and reject users.
  • The ticketing system integrated into the portal automatically creates tickets to track responses of users.
  • The infrastructure natively supports API documentation, solution submission processes, and app catalogs.
The developer ecosystem also has educational materials such as guides and tutorials and community forms.

Ultimately, the ecosystem offers registrants the opportunity to see real-time updates and interact with the results. This provides great value to Kyriba’s customer base, giving participants the ability to connect their applications through an open API and access Kyriba’s large global network.

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The Impact of the Developer Ecosystem

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Though Kyriba launched its public developer ecosystem October 2021, they have already experienced return on investment. Constellant has added value by freeing up Kyriba to cast vision and strategize for success. Where Constellant has focused on the tactics of bringing the ecosystem to market in a timely and efficient manner, Kyriba has had the opportunity to strategically target developers and intentionally engage registered users with new content and documentation.

Responsive image Responsive image A partnership with Constellant means that your team can focus on building a strategy that reaches and engages your target audience. The rest can be taken care of by Constellant, easily. Responsive image Responsive image

- Félix Grévy, VP Product, Open API and Connectivity

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