Digital Ecosystem Management-as-a-Service for platforms

Taking your platform business to market faster

Timing is everything

Research on platform businesses indicates that “the most classic mistake is mistiming the market…timing is crucial…being early is preferable…being late can be deadly.”

You need to beat your competitors to the market and gain market share before they do. And digital business ecosystems are the fastest, most effective way to go to market.

The problem is too many platform businesses approach ecosystem management in a piecemeal, ad-hoc way. Which means they inadvertently limit the pace of growth of their own platforms.

EMaaS gives platform businesses a proven way to get to market faster through innovation, stickier relationships and revenue acceleration – all without burdening the core business.

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How digital EMaaS can help

EMaaS is the fastest, most time-efficient and effective way to create a thriving digital ecosystem.

Ecosystem-in-a-box provides the software infrastructure to get your ecosystem up and running in as little as 30 days.

EMaaS’ Marketplace enables you to publish approved developer and partner solutions quickly and showcase them to customers.

See how Blue Prism rapidly took its RPA-focused Digital eXchange (DX) platform to market. Or, if you are ready to accelerate revenue and innovation, take our free ecosystem evaluation.

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See how EMaaS helped Blue Prism scale

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Constellant led a consulting engagement for Blue Prism. They invested the time to understand our business strategy and how we wanted to enable customers, partners and the industry at large in leveraging the value of the digital workforce and specifically the Blue Prism platform and our partners’ capabilities.

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Let’s talk about your digital ecosystem.