Digital Ecosystem-as-a-Service for digital transformation

Streamlining your digital transformation initiatives cost-effectively

Digital transformation can be messy

Global enterprises face a common imperative to transform their operations for a digital world. A survey of CIOs by Gartner reveals that 62% of businesses have a major digital transformation initiative underway.

But aligning, managing and serving siloed teams in different parts of your company is anything but easy. Different teams duplicate each others’ efforts. Siloes fail to communicate what matters. And a lack of transparency and accountability slows the entire initiative down.

If digital transformation matters – and it does – then enterprises need a more efficient way to bring order to all this chaos. A cost-efficient way to manage API-led digital transformation initiatives across a wide range of functional, geographic and business-unit teams.

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How digital EMaaS can help

EMaaS combines best-practice workflows, intuitive tools for self-service and new data to help you streamline your digital transformation initiatives.

So instead of manually coordinating between disparate teams in multiple countries, you can centrally manage a low-touch portal that frees everyone to solve their own problems.

In practice, that means you can prevent duplicated work and spot inefficiencies earlier – all while tracking the success of the initiative with better data on everyone’s involvement.

See how Conviva leveraged EMaaS. Or, if you are ready to accelerate revenue and innovation, take our free ecosystem evaluation.

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See how Conviva scaled its developer ecosystem

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Constellant was and is a leader in the space. Above that, they are a great team to work with. They are very responsive and always happy to help solve the big challenges.

– Olivier Wellmann, VP Product Management, Conviva Responsive image Responsive image

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