Calabrio Case Study: Driving Innovation With an All-Encompassing Solution

How Calabrio created a successful self-service developer program and marketplace

Mary Black

Development Platforms Program Manager, Calabrio


"Easy, personalized, smart."

As a recognized leader in contact center solutions, Calabrio’s motto is "easy, personalized, smart." Through its integrated solution for call recording, quality assurance, workforce management, analytics and reporting, Calabrio provides more human human interactions.

However, a few years ago, the company recognized that their internal development and integration processes weren’t living up to the corporate values, and they wanted to do more to support their entire customer base.

Mary Black, Development Platforms Program Manager, advised by Ross Daniels VP, Global Partner Organization, took on the task of streamlining workflow and ensuring workforce optimization through the creation of a new developer program and marketplace.

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In her research, Mary determined there were only two options: embark on a two year process of coding a new platform internally or working with the Ecosystem Management-as-a-Service experts at Constellant who had already built an all-encompassing solution. The choice was straightforward.


What Calabrio Needed

To ensure the efforts of Calabrio's internal integration team weren't cyclically exhausted, Calabrio saw the need for automating workflows and establishing long-term relationships with external developers who could support in the development of custom integrations.

Furthermore, Calabrio wanted to provide a way to make those integrations (developed and future) available to the general public in a self-service way. It was especially important that her team could do both without becoming the middle man between two providers.

Constellant's dpEngine was the only tool Mary found that would be able to offer her team the ability to create a developer program and marketplace with a single platform and no additional integration work.

Responsive image Responsive image We were looking for an all-encompassing solution, a single platform that offered developer program and marketplace capabilities. Constellant's dpEngine was the only solution I found that offered developer program and marketplace capabilities that worked synchronously. Responsive image Responsive image

- Mary Black, Development Platforms Program Manager, Calabrio

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How EMaaS helped

After seeing Constellant's success with customers including Avaya and Cisco, Mary was confident that Calabrio’s developer program and marketplace would be best if powered by dpEngine.

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Responsive image Responsive image Constellant's software, dpEngine, offered ease of use to all parties and personalization based on client needs. Constellant's supporting team of Ecosystem Management-as-a-Service experts have deep domain knowledge on what works and what doesn't, which is fundamental to creating, deploying, managing, and scaling a successful program. The combination made for a clear fit with Calabrio's culture: easy, personalized, smart. I was confident we would be able to achieve what we set out to do. Responsive image Responsive image

- Mary Black, Development Platforms Program Manager, Calabrio

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Very quickly, Calabrio's developer program and marketplace were launched using dpEngine, and soon thereafter an immediate download and installation process was created in the marketplace to give customers the tools they needed on demand.

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This download and installation process has been a huge addition for Calabrio, particularly in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to the company's nature as a contact center focused, workforce management provider, Calabrio needed to be able to make a high volume of changes quickly. The scalable system built by Constellant gave Calabario the tools it needed to get updates into the hands of their customers efficiently.

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Achieving Goals Six Months In

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Having only officially launched its developer program and marketplace in May of 2020, Calabrio is already seeing how the two are driving innovation and increasing customer satisfaction. Furthermore, Mary's team is well on its way to surpassing goals of establishing new partnerships.

With the support of Constellant, Calabrio’s custom integration development processes and customer engagements are easy, personalized, and smart. Constellant has given Calabrio the confidence to move boldly into the world of digital ecosystems with a trustworthy, all-encompassing solution.

Want to see how Calabrio uses dpEngine's features? Download the Demo Deck.

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