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7 of Our Favorite Quotes About Digital Transformation

The digital age isn’t going anywhere, and the digital frontier is increasingly impacting the way businesses evolve. In today’s world, there’s no way an organization can thrive on stickies and handwritten ledgers. Enter digital transformation. Digital transformation is the process of adapting business processes, culture, and value propositions to deliver greater value to customers in an ever-evolving, digital world.

With digital transformation, the customer is always at the forefront of the thinking, planning, and executing. It bridges traditional silos like sales, marketing, and customer service, instead focusing on offering the most engaging prospect and customer experience from start to finish. Implementing smart applications to help optimize levels of engagement is critical to ensure your company is set up for success for years to come.

Don’t believe us? Check out these quotes from digital transformation leaders.

  1. “Every digital transformation is going to begin and end with the customer, and I can see that in the minds of every CEO I talk to.” -Marc Benioff | Chairman and Co-CEO, Salesforce
  2. “Customer expectations are far exceeding what you can really do. That means a fundamental rethinking about what we do with technology in organizations.” -George Westerman | MIT Principal Research Scientist and Author
  3. “We talk about automating operations, about people, and about new business models. Wrapped inside those topics are data analytics, technologies, and software – all of which are enablers not drivers. In the center of it all is leadership and culture. Understanding what digital means to your company – whether you’re a financial, agricultural, pharmaceutical, or retain institution – is essential.” -Jim Swanson | Senior Vice President/CIO and Head of Digital Transformation, Bayer Crop Science
  4. “Just look at the S&P 500. In 1958, U.S. corporations remained on that index for an average of 61 years, according to the American Enterprise Foundation. By 2011, it was 18 years. Today, companies are being replaced on the S&P approximately every two weeks. Technology has driven this shift, and companies that want to succeed must understand how to merge technology with strategy.” -John Marcante | CIO, Vanguard
  5. “Digitally transformed businesses typically develop an ecosystem that blurs the lines between supply chain, partner, customer, crowd, and employee and both strategy and execution are heavily influenced by this ecosystem.” -Isaac Sacolick | Global CIO and Managing Director, Greenwich Associates
  6. “Digital transformation is all about unlocking value in your business processes and releasing it back to customers – as well as being agile enough to use data and analytics to create new, innovative experiences.” -David Macdonald | Executive Vice President and Chief Sales Officer, SAS
  7. “In today’s world of exponential change, organizations that get too comfortable with the status quo are at major risk of disruption. If you’re not experimenting and, as a director, if you’re not asking questions about how your organization is navigating and plugging into disruption, forming new ecosystems, and tapping into open markets, then your organization is at risk. In the area of talent alone, if you’re not leveraging talent outside your organization, you’ll never win the war of ideas because the smartest people in the world don’t work for you.” -Andrew Vaz | Global Chief Innovation Officer at Deloitte

So, what do you think? Is your organization riding the wave of digital disruption? If not, it’s time to form a new ecosystem. Get started by checking out the “I am a Transformation-Ready Business” path under our product modules to learn more about how to get started with dpEngine and Ecosystem Management-as-a-Service.

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