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10 Quick Tips to Improve Developer Satisfaction

[AUSTIN, Texas, February 1, 2018] -- Recently, one of our clients was ranked in the top 5 for developer satisfaction globally. Given they are so successful in the arena, we wanted to highlight some things they do well in order to encourage success amongst your developer communities.

Here are 10 quick tips to improve developer satisfaction across the board:

  1. Address as many of your developers’ questions as possible with clear information during the registration process.
  2. Clearly identify getting started steps to help support your developers as they learn the basics. You can do so with tutorials, sample code, and provision of API keys.
  3. Organize your documentation is a way that is easy to find and easier to use. Make sure that it is always up-to-date.
  4. Incorporate a library of “Learning Labs” where you can incentivize developers to earn awards by completing short tutorials and hands-on learning sessions.
  5. Have a strong social media and community presence. Encourage participation on blogs, forums, Twitter and LinkedIn.
  6. Implement a sandbox for developers to test their applications.
  7. Participate in both major global events and smaller regional events and seminars with qualified presenters. Do so in a highly visible way.
  8. Ensure your portal is excellent, fresh, and well maintained with clearly identifiable technology sites.
  9. Support your developers with responsive API support teams, well thought out FAQs, and a response team to address submitted tickets.
  10. Leverage an easy to navigate eCommerce solution for purchases.

We are confident that implementing these 10 quick tips will significantly improve your developer satisfaction, and doing so, particularly for the externally focused developers, will increase the success of your developer program, partner program and/or marketplace. Developer satisfaction leads to cyclical success, so make a few changes today, and reap the rewards going forward.

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