Digital Ecosystem Management-as-a-Service for multi-partner businesses

A smarter way to scale your self-service partner ecosystem

Enabling revenue acceleration through self-supported partners

Partners drive innovation and growth resulting in more revenue for both them and you. 95% of Microsoft’s commercial revenue flows through its partner ecosystem, with more than 7,500 partners joining each month. That is the true power of a scalable partner ecosystem.

Whether they’re ISVs, SIs or another kind of partner, you need to deliver a superior self-service ecosystem experience that scales as your ecosystem grows.

Unless you have a simple, low-touch way of nurturing these relationships, partners will feel like an additional management burden.

When, in fact, they’re your most important vector for growth.

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How digital EMaaS can help

EMaaS provides the one-stop software platform for partners to interact with your company.

It gives you a single, intuitive, low-touch portal from which to track and manage your partnerships, while analytics provides you with the information and insights to identify the most effective partners and solutions.

With EMaaS, you get the infrastructure and expertise you need to manage and scale your partner ecosystem. So your people can focus on generating revenue instead.

See how Cisco scaled its Solution Partner Program. Or, if you are ready to accelerate revenue and innovation, take our free ecosystem evaluation.

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How Cisco simplified its ecosystem experience

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By leveraging Constellant’s dpEngine software platform, we were able to scale our solution partner ecosystem and generate more revenue while delivering consistent partner experiences. In addition, Constellant’s Managed EMaaS offering gave us the domain expertise to augment our team and improve ROI at the same time.

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