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Meet the Ecosystem Management-as-a-Service people.

Who is Constellant?

Here at Constellant we’re a bunch of obsessives. But our chief obsession is making connections. That’s why we’re called Constellant. We take disparate things and we bring them together.

We’ve spent too long watching companies squandering their potential by not making and maintaining valuable connections.

It’s why we spend all our time helping businesses build, manage and scale digital ecosystems that help them innovate faster.

If that sounds like the kind of thing your business needs, we should probably talk.

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Who’s running this ship?

Bhavesh Patel

President & CEO

Bhavesh has technology running through his veins. He’s got more than 20 years’ experience with technology & software across aerospace / defense, software, health IT, and the Internet of Things (IoT). He’s got ‘get your hands dirty’ experience in general management, sales, business development, product management, operations, and engineering. He runs marathons, attempts triathlons and climbs mountains. And he’s one hell of a tabla player.

Laurie Allen

SVP, Operations & Account Management

Not to be outdone by Bhavesh, Laurie also has over 20 years’ experience in tech. Although hers is of the account management, product strategy and delivery, and software implementation flavor. She cut her teeth on global product strategy and delivery, alliance management for Fortune 100 companies, and management consulting. And in her spare time she participates in triathlons and volunteers for spinal cord injury foundations.

Charles Grossman


Like all good CTOs, Charles is a king of acronyms. He’s got over 15 years experience in QA, UX/UI, CI, security and automation. And in his spare time he’s a fan of IoT and AI. Don’t worry, he does unplug from technology occasionally and is a big fan of hunting and reading. Actual books. Made of paper.

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