Digital Ecosystem-as-a-Service for new revenue streams

Market-testing your new revenue opportunities with agility

Ecosystem flexibility for rapid experimentation of new revenue streams

The key to generating new revenue streams is the ability for a business to have the infrastructure and processes to test new business models in the market and quickly adopt/discard them as needed.

The challenge for non-platform businesses is finding a flexible, cost-effective way to make sure developers and partners have everything they need to innovate.

You want the revenue from new business models – you just don’t want it to be as hard as starting a new business.

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How digital EaaS can help

Digital EaaS is the fastest, most effective way to create a “proving ground” for your new business model/revenue generation concepts.

EaaS’ Ecosystem-in-a-Box provides the flexibility and configurability to test out new business models. Role-based access allows you to engage different internal and external stakeholders of your new business concepts. And configurable workflow automation gives you the ability to modify the business processes of your new business/revenue model as needed.

Armed with key ecosystem metrics from EaaS’ analytics, you are able to assess your new business/revenue model’s performance.

Learn how How Jabra makes millions from its ecosystem. Or, if you are ready to accelerate revenue and innovation, take our free ecosystem evaluation.

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See how Jabra leverages EaaS to generate revenue

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We knew the program was going to grow but we were basically handling everything manually. Even technical support. It wasn’t scaling with the number of developers we were bringing on board.

John Gould, Global Developer Experience and Channel Manager at Jabra Responsive image Responsive image

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